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How to translate from French to English
on the ABO VIE website

French to English

The result of the translation tool is not perfect, but all the same helps to understand the main part of the site or message.

From Bob’s original message, which showed us how to translate a web site or text from English to French, we can show you how to translate the website from French to English.  This way, you will also be able to translate the messages in the forum from French to English.

Posted by: Bob G(o) <
Date: Wednesday, January 19 2000, with 10:29 p.m. 

For this purpose we take up Bob’s message again, translated so you can understand :

Hello my friends.  I don’t speak French, so I use a web translator.

I am following ER4YT since 18 months now, and I feel great.

To visualize the website in English, this is how to proceed :

Go to the following link :

Choose « French to English », and type or copy & paste the following address :

Click on the button « Translate » and here comes the site translated into English.

Good luck, Bob

All the team from sincerely thanks Bob, in the name of all the surfers which will now be able to understand our website in English!

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